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Arc Cutting Products – Master Catalog

The August 2010 Arcair® Master Catalog includes Arcair’s entire collection of arc cutting products. These products include manual and automatic gouging torches, travel systems and accessories, welding rods and more.

If you’re not sure which manual gouging torch you need, then you’re in luck. The Master Catalog includes a gouging torch selection guide. Also, there’s an image on page 22 that discusses one of the pros to using an automatic gouging torch.


Arcair Air Carbon-Arc Welding Rods

On Page 34 of the Master Catalog you’ll find information about the air carbon-arc welding rods and electrodes. There are many benefits to using the air carbon-arc electrodes.

Benefits Include:

  • Produces the most efficient metal removal
  • Ideal of a broad range of applications
  • Contain a precise formulated blend of carbon and graphite

For more information on Arcair’s products, then please download the Master Catalog. If you’re interested in purchasing Arcair products, then contact your local Thermadyne Sales Representative.