Hardfacing Alloys, Electrodes and More

Stoody offers all-position flux cored stainless and nickel-based wires, including mig welding wires, for joining and cladding -- at prices you’ll like.

The recognized inventor and provider of “hardfacing” alloys for 90 years, Stoody® also makes a full range of stainless and high-alloy joining wires in its Bowling Green, Kentucky facility.

For stainless steel joining, Stoody flux cored all position wires are available for 300 series stainless hardfacing alloys, while Stoody BRILLIANT® wires join duplex stainless steels that include “lean” and “super” grades.

For nickel-based joining and cladding, three “workhorse” 0.045 inch / 1.2 mm diameter wire products are featured, providing the quality and robust all position welding performance you expect from Stoody.

For more information about Stoody’s most popular flux cored welding wires, which includes mig welding wires, for 300 series stainless, duplex stainless steel and nickel-based applications click here or call us at 800-426-1888 (940-381-1212). 

Outstanding quality and performance at prices you’ll like.

Stoody is a Victor Technologies Company.