Thermal Arc® Completes DC Portable Welder Series

The Thermal Arc® 201 TS portable welder is now available, which means the DC welder series is now complete.  The 201 TS was thoughtfully designed to provide increased power and control for operators with more demanding requirements.

This product is attractive to both the light industrial and home hobbyist welder. Tig/stick welding is available with the 201 TS, which comes in handy quite often at home or in the field.


Conduct Plasma Welding at Home or in the Field

If you’re interested in saving money, then investing in a portable plasma welding unit, such as the Thermal Arc® 201 TS, is a good idea.  This machine is highly portable, which means it can be used in the field, on-site or in a shop.

Time is money, so why not save your precious time and invest in a portable welder. For more information on the Thermal Arc® DC welder series, please contact your regional Thermadyne® sales representative.