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iCNCcontrolImproving Consumables Life in an Automated Plasma System

There are two ways to maximize consumables life and lower the operating cost of an automated plasma cutter. The first option is to have a plasma cutting and CNC programming expert on staff who can optimize parameters for every step of every cutting routine.. (more)

iCNCcontrolNext Generation Ultra-Cut® XT Automated Plasma Power Sources Deliver Improved Productivity, Flexibility and Reliability

Victor Thermal Dynamics has launched the Ultra-Cut XT Series of power sources for automated plasma cutting as part of its integrated system of components that deliver higher productivity and lower cutting costs. (more)

iCNCcontrolPlasma or Oxyfuel? Guidelines for Choosing the Right Thermal Cutting Process

When purchasing a new automated cutting table or retrofitting an existing one, which process is best–oxyfuel or plasma? The nature of the application and cutting process both play a role. (more)

iCNCcontrolYou Know Victor Thermal Dynamics For Innovative Plasma Cutting Products, But Do You Know About Our Innovative Training?

The Victor Technologies Training Team has built a generous library of on-line training modules on some of our most popular products and applications. Plasma automation is a complex process that requires high precision.  (more)