Air-Fuel or Oxy-Fuel for Soldering and Brazing?

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Organize, Travel, Save Your Back! With the New TurboTorch® Carrier Kit

The first rolling tote torch kit is available through Turbo Torch® and we’re sure you’ve never heard of this one before. Never lift your heavy Acetylene tank again. This new carrier kit can be rolled anywhere, from your home to your work station. Transport your equipment the easy way! The TurboTorch® carrier kit is featured in the Q3 and Q4 2011 newsletter above.


The TDLX2010B Rolling Tote Kit - What’s in it?

The TurboTorch® tote is loaded with storage pockets to fit your brazing torches, welding consumables and other accessories needed to get the job done. With metal framework and adjustable security straps, the torch carrier kit can handle the toughest work environments. See what is included inside the TurboTorch® tote by visiting page 11 of the Q3 and Q4 2011 newsletter above. You won’t be let down!