Oxyfuel Equipment Advances - Helping Prevent Accidents

Know the benefits of never experiencing accidents with your high-pressure gas cylinder. Learn the best ways to prevent these accidents from author Bob Boyer, the principal engineer for gas equipment at Victor®.

The welding and cutting industry continuously promotes safe practices on the jobsite. Keep in mind your safety when handling gas cylinders, MIG guns and other welding tools. See this article in the Q2 2011 Newsletter on pages 4 and 5.


Product Exhibit – MIG guns and more!

Thermadyne sponsored the Student Career Day Program at Autorama and World of Wheels event while distributing free Thermal Arc equipment to several schools. The company also exhibited all brands for perusing including Thermal Dynamics’ plasma cutters and the Tweco MIG gun. See pictures from the Chicago and Portland shows on pages 14 and 15 in the above Q2 2011 Newsletter. Don’t forget to be a part of next years’ Student Career Day Program!