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Victor ST400New Victor® ST400 Straight Oxy-Fuel Cutting Torch Features Ergonomic Handle, Excellent Visibility and Enhanced Safety

Victor TechnologiesTM announced today that it has launched its Victor® ST400 straight torch, which incorporates the patented Victor 400 series handle that uses a high strength alloy material for durability and features an ergonomic shape to improve operator comfort. (more)

Victor ST400The Keys to Oxy-Fuel Safety: Safety in the Welding Shop is Everyone's Responsibility

Good oxy-fuel operators know that safety depends on proper and responsible use of oxy-fuel equipment. Safety has been a central principal at Victor for 100 years. In fact, one of its early innovations was a safer regulator because founder L.W. Stettner had lost an eye in an industrial accident and wanted to prevent that from happening to others. (more)


Victor ST400Victor EHP3 Regulator for High Pressure Applications

The new Victor HP3 regulator was developed specifically for applications which require higher delivery pressure (400 or 800 PSIG maximum), providing even higher delivery capability than the SR 600 it’s replacing. (more)