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New Victor Industrial Gas Equipment Catalog

New Victor Industrial Gas Equipment Catalog


Victor® is the Leader in Gas Equipment and Gas Regulator Products

Welders, if you’re looking for unparalleled safety standards, then look no further than the Victor® brand.  Thermadyne®, the company that owns Victor, is ISO 9001:2000 certified, which means you can trust its welding and cutting products adhere to the highest safety standards.

In the New Industrial Gas Equipment Catalog, you’ll find a wealth of information about Victor’s gas ® regulator lines, outfits, cutting torches and more. Also, Victor’s® Statement of Warranty is included in the catalog for quick and easy reference.


Eight Victor® Safety Rules for Welders

The New Industrial Gas and Equipment Catalog also include rules for maximum safety on the job. If welders follow these rules, then they’re at much less risk for accidents or injury.

There are eight Victor safety rules, which are

1)    Read the operating instructions

2)    Keep cylinders secured

3)    Inspect gas regulator inlet and cylinder valve

4)    Stand to the side when opening the cylinder valve

5)    Use flash back arrestors and reverse flow check valves

6)    Inspect torch connections

7)    Purge the system before lighting the torch

8)    Wear protective clothing

Follow the above rules and insist on using Victor gas equipment for your next job. You’re family and friends will thank you for choosing a brand with an excellent reputation for quality manufacturing and safe products.