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Victor Q2 2011 Sales and Marketing News Update



Expanding Victor Product Lines for Welders

Beginning in spring 2011, the Victor® EDGE Series regulators will have an expanded offering. Welders are in luck because select legacy style Victor regulators will transition to EDGE regulator technology. This is big news because the EDGE Series offers standardized design and components, which will make it easier for welders to get their favorite Victor regulators serviced and repaired.

Don’t have the money to upgrade your Victor® regulator? No worries, Victor is offering a Trade In and Trade Up program, which allows welders to trade in their ESS3/ESS4 EDGE Series regulators and flow gauges. For more information on this program, or other welding and cutting information, such as information on products for cutting stainless steel, contact your local District Manager.


Thermal Arc® Portable Welders Allow for Cutting Stainless Steel and More

The Q2 Newsletter doesn’t just highlight Victor®, but all of Thermadyne’s family of brands, which includes Thermal Arc®. In Q2, Thermal Arc® announced it completed its portable series lineup with the delivery of the 201 TS DC welder, which allows for cutting stainless steel and other metals.

The 201 TS is great for DIY welders and light industrial use because it makes cutting and welding cheaper by bringing the welder onto the job site. If you’re looking for a welder at the right price that allows you to cut stainless steel, aluminum and other metals in the shop or on a job site, then the 201TS can meet your needs.