Victor Professional Cutting Tip, Type 101, Size: 00

Part Number: 0331-0009


Metal Thickness (Inches) 1/4"
Size 00
Part Number 0331-0009
Cutting Oxygen ***(PSIG) 20/25
Cutting Oxygen (SCFH) 30/25
Preheat Oxygen *(PSIG) 3/5
Preheat Oxygen (SCFH) 4/6
Acetylene (PSIG) 3/5
Acetylene ****(SCFH) 4/6
Speed I.P.M. 27/30
Kerf Width 0.05

Data compiled using mild steel as test material.

* Applicable for three hose machine torch only. With a two hose cutting torch, preheat pressure is set by the cutting oxygen.

** For best results use ST2600FC series torches and 3/8" hose when using tip size 6 or larger.

*** All pressures are measured at the regulator using 25' x 1/4" hose through tip size 5 and 25' x 3/8" hose for tip size 6 and larger.

**** Oxygen consumption is 1.1 times the acetylene under neutral flame conditions.

# Clam Shell Packaging

WARNING: At no time should the withdrawal rate of an individual acetylene cylinder exceed 1/7 of the cylinder contents per hour. If additional flow capacity is required use an acetylene manifold system of sufficient size to supply the necessary volume.

  • General purpose
  • Hand and machine torch cutting