HC 1500C Heavy Industry Straight Cutting Torch, 56 inch / 180 Deg Head, Tip Series: 2-285N

The HC1500 Series is a three hose design with a 48
Part Number: 0381-0444


Included FeaturesThree hose connection.
Requires separate cutting oxygen supply from preheat oxygen unless bulk oxygen is in place
Requires 1/2" cutting has (Class "C" connections) & 3/8" preheat oxygen and fuel gas hoses
For use with Propane & Pressurized Natural Gas ONLY.
HC 1500C Heavy Industry 3 Hose Scrap Straight Cutting Torch
Gas Service
Natural Gas and Propane
Industrial Applications Scrap Cutting, Cutting Heavy Steel
Model Number
HC 1500C
Part Number
Head Angle 180 degrees
Cut Capacity 48"/121.9cm
Length 56"/142.2cm
Hose Connection Pre Heat "B" 9/16" - 18 LH & RH
Hose Connection Cutting (Oxy)
"C" 7/8" - 14 RH

Special lengths available on request Please Contact Customer Care

Victor "Universal Torches" combine the spiral and injector mixer principles. The result is a high performance torch that operates on any fuel gas.

Universal torch cutting capacity from 1/8" (3.2 mm) to 8" (203.3 mm)

  • Die-Forged brass head for maximum durability
  • Universal Gas Mixer gives top performance with any fuel gas
  • Ribbed brass Handle for sure grip & operator comfort
  • Built-in reverse flow check valve for added operator safety
  • Smooth Cutting oxygen valve provides precise low-to-full flow oxygen control
  • Stainless Steel Tubes for greater strength & durability
  • Stainless Steel cutting oxygen lever for extra durability and operator comfort
  • Built-in flashback arrestors for added safety (U.S. Patent #5407348)