A-14 Tip Swirl, Air Acetylene

A full series of manual lighting tips can be used with any Air Acetylene torch handle (PLF-A5 or G-4). Add range to your torch kit with economical tips that also feature a removable orifice screw.
Part Number: 0386-0105


Tip No. A-14
Part No. 0386-0105
Process(es) Air Acetylene
Industrial Applications High capacity applications
Industrial Applications HVAC
Tip Size 1/2"   (12.7 mm)
Gas Flow 14.5 @ 14 PSI SCFH
Gas Flow 1.23 @ (0.9 BAR) M3/HR
Soft Solder 2 - 3 1/2"   (50-90 mm)
Silver Braze 1 - 2"   (30-50 mm)
Replacement Orifice OR-A14
    Removable Orifice Screw
    Color Coded "O" Rings Red for Acetylene