201-05FP Regulator, Oxy-Acetylene, Acetylene, Metal tote

TurboTorch® offers accessories to help improve cutting performance. Look for the TurboTorch mark on your plasma consumable parts for genuine TurboTorch consumables.
Part Number: 0386-0784


Process(es) Oxy-Acetylene Components
Part No. 0386-0784
Model No. TurboTorch 201-05FP Acetylene CGA-200
Gauge Size 1-1/2"
Industrial Applications High capacity applications
Industrial Applications HVAC
High Pressure Gauge P.S.I.G. 400
High Pressure Gauge KPA 2,800
Low Pressure Gauge P.S.I.G. .53-.89
Low Pressure Gauge KPA 210
Delivery Range P.S.I.G. 2-15
Delivery Range KPA 14-105
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