221-05FP Regulator, Oxy-Acetylene, Oxygen, no tote

TurboTorch® offers accessories to help improve cutting performance. Look for the TurboTorch mark on your plasma consumable parts for genuine TurboTorch consumables.
Part Number: 0386-0786


Process(es) Oxy-Acetylene Components
Part No. 0386-0786
Model No. TurboTorch 221-05FP Oxygen CGA-540
Gauge Size 1-1/2"
Industrial Applications High capacity applications
Industrial Applications HVAC
High Pressure Gauge P.S.I.G. 4,000
High Pressure Gauge KPA 28,000
Low Pressure Gauge P.S.I.G. 100
Low Pressure Gauge KPA 700
Delivery Range P.S.I.G. 4-80
Delivery Range KPA 28-570
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