PL-3T Tip Swirl, MAP-Pro/LP Gas, Self Lighting

Featuring TurboTorch®’s Swirl Combustion technology, the Proline series kits are engineered for performance and durability. All kits are equipped with RL-P Regulators (CGA-510), allowing for the use of high heat/energy gases such as MAP-Pro or Propane. A full assortment of tips equipped with quick disconnects, expands the work range of the series.
Part Number: 0386-0821


Tip No. PL-3T
Part No. 0386-0821
Process(es) Air/MAPP and Propane
Air Mapp .46 @ 42 PSI LBS/HR
Copper Tubing Propane Soft Solder - 1/4 - 1" (6-25 mm)
Copper Tubing Propane Silver Braze - 1/8 - 1/2" (3-10 mm)
Copper Tubing Mapp Soft Solder - 1/4 - 11/2" (10-40 mm)
Copper Tubing Mapp Silver Braze - 1/4 - 1/2" (6-15 mm)
Replacement Orifice OR-T-3
Replacement Tip Ends 3T-TE
BTU 1300
Industrial Applications High capacity applications
Industrial Applications HVAC
Tip Size 3/8" (9.5 mm)
Air Propane .33 @ 24 PSI LBS/HR
    Color Coded O-rings for Blue for LP