CA 1260 Light Duty Cutting Attachment, 3 inch Cut Capacity, 90 Degree Head, Tip Series: 3, Clamshell

Light duty cutting attachment - may use any fuel gas with proper cutting tips.
Part Number: 0387-0003


Included FeaturesStainless Steel Tubes - for added torch strength & heat resistance
Die-forged brass head - for maximum durability
Spiral mixer - blends oxygen & all fuel gases for optimum performance
Forged Brass Body
Brass Coupling Nut & Double "O" Ring Seal - gives quick gas-tight seal without a tightening wrench
Stainless Steel Lever - for extra durability
Light Duty CA 1260 Cutting Attachment for use with all fuel gases CLAMSHELL PACKAGE
Part Number 0387-0003
Cutting Range 6"/152.4mm
Tip Series 3
Head Angle 90 degree
Gas Service
Fuel Gas Usage: Can be used with all fuel gases with the proper cutting tip.
Weight Weight 13 oz. (.37 kg)
Length 8" (203.2mm)



The shape of the cutting attachment and shape of the torch handle are registered trademarks of Victor.

  • Forged brass head
  • Spiral mixer blends oxygen & fuel
  • Smooth cutting valve (pull type)
  • Stainless steel tubes
  • Brass coupling nut & double “O” ring seal gives quick gas-tight seal tightening without wrench
  • Length 8" (203.2 mm) - Weight 13 oz. (0.37 kg)