SK-7000 Torch Swirl, MAP-Pro/LP Gas

A longtime industry benchmark, the TurboTorch® line of STK torches now feature the new Extreme Swirl technology. All torches have 360 degree swivel tip and easy to clean orifice screws. Torch kits include the STK-R Pressure Regulator with CGA-600 connection and instruction manuals.
Part Number: 0426-4001


Included FeaturesThe swirl combustion tip gives you the best burn and cuts brazing time by 30%.

Preset flame
180 degree swivel tip
Safety trigger lock
Operates on any standard MAP-Pro and propane 14.1 oz tanks
CGA 600 connection
One year warranty
Model SK-7000
Part No. 0426-4001
Process(es) Air/MAPP and Propane
Industrial Applications High capacity applications
Industrial Applications HVAC
    Flame tube swivels 360 degree for work at any angle
    Push Trigger Ignition
    Rugged Brass Regulator