Now 1/2-Inch Thick Deposits ARE Possible with New Nickel Tungsten Carbide Alloys

Specifically developed for exceptional weldability and superior abrasion resistance, newly released Stoody 155FC and Stoody 160FC produce weld deposits comprised of special blends of tungsten carbides in nickel-silicon-boron matrix systems. The more ductile Stoody 155FC is designed for multiple pass operations and is ideal when thicker weld deposits are desired and for use as a buffer layer for the more highly wear resistant overlay product Stoody 160FC. Now 1/2-inch thick deposits of tungsten carbide alloy can be applied to build up and protect equipment against extreme abrasion like that found in upstream oil and gas production applications.

Stoody155FC - 160FC)BuildUpTest_Horizontal_lowres_021014.jpg


(Image A - Above) Stoody 155FC and Stoody 160FC four layer buildup. (Image B - Right) Stabilizer Flight (oil and gas) - Stoody 155FC build up with Stoody 160FC overlay. (Image C - Far Right) Close up of stabilizer flight with thick tungsten carbide deposit for extreme abrasion resistance. Stabilizer_angle_160FC_lowres_102513.jpg Stabilizer_closeup_160FC_lowres_102513.jpg

Stoody HB-56 is NS-1 Certified

Stoody HB-56 is Fearnley Proctor NS-1 certified for initial applications on new tool joints. 

To receive the Fearnley Proctor NS-1 certification, extensive testing was completed on tool joints hardbanded with the product.

Additionally a panel of experts reviewed all testing results along with the Stoody Hardbanding Procedure Manual  before granting the certification.