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Victor Thermal Dynamics Automation

Victor Thermal Dynamics Automation



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New Trade Dress & Packaging for Victor Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutting Systems

We recently announced realignment in the Victor® brand portfolio, with all cutting processes unified under one brand. Going forward, our plasma cutting products will be branded Victor Thermal Dynamics and over the next several months you will notice a transition in our Thermal Dynamics trade dress and packaging presentation. It is important to note that these product changes are cosmetic only – new colors and brand marks, and will have no effect on the machine features, functions, design or performance.


The Only Universal Plasma Torch!

1Torch® has the ability to work on the majority of plasma power Thermal Dynamics 1Torch- Universal Plasma Torchsupplies on
the market today. Its unique design allows the 1Torch the ability to work with high frequency, touch, CD, and
moving parts (blow back) start systems.

  • Ergonomic Torch Handle
  • New Phenolic Position Tube
  • Extended or Protected Consumable Parts
  • Lower Consumable Parts Inventories and Costs
  • Improved Leads
  • ATC® (Advanced Torch Connector) Quick
  • ATC Lead Extensions
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