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CUTMASTER 42 Plasma System, 40 Amp, SL40, 75 Deg Head, 15 ft Leads, 120/230V, 1Ph, 50/60Hz

Cutmaster® TRUE™ Series has been designed with the idea that recommended cut capacity should also be the TRUE cut capacity. The TRUE Cut Series eliminates the concept of having to “buy up”, purchasing a machine larger than you actually need. With the introduction of the CUTMASTER TRUE Series, a one-half inch recommended capacity machine will cut one-half inch material ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. NO EXCEPTIONS. The all-new THERMAL DYNAMICS® TRUE™ Series CUTMASTER® 42 is one of the most affordable, highest quality 1/4
Part Number: 1-4200
Warranty: 4 Years


Included Features• Cutmaster 42 power supply
• All new SL40 torch
• Safety gloves & glasses
• Instructional plasma cutting DVD
• Consumables set
• Heavy-duty carrying case
• Power plug adapters
Process(es) Manual Air Plasma Cutting
Applications Auto Body/Marine Repair

Plumbing & HVAC

Home Shop
Metal Building & Roofing Construction
Rental Fleets
Maximum Amperage Output

27A @ 120V

40A @ 230V
Output Power 3.8 kW
Recommended Cut - Inches (mm)

1/4" (6) @ 120V

3/8" (9.5 mm) @ 230V

Maximum Cut

5/8" (15) @ 120V


Pierce Rating

1/4" (6 mm) @ 120V

3/8" (9.5 mm) @ 230V

Rated Output 40 Amps
Amperage Draw

29A @ 120 V

15A @ 230V

Input Voltage - (Volts, Phase, Hz)
120/230V, 1ph, 50/60Hz

Duty Cycle (@40 deg C) 40% @ 40A @ 230V
Amperage Draw 29A @ 120V
15A @ 230V
Dimensions (H x W x L) Inches (mm) 9.0" (228 mm) x 7" (117 mm) x 18.5" (470 mm)
Weight 26 lbs. (11.8 kg)
Warranty - (Power Source) Parts & Labor
4 Years
Torch Model SL40
Air Pressure 75 psi (5.2 bar)
Flow 3.2 cfm (91 l/m)
Warranty - (Torch) Parts & Labor 1 Year
  • Front Panel LEDs indicate status conditions for maximum efficiency.
  • Storage compartment for convenient access to spare parts and consumables.
  • Versatile torch makes it easy to add lead extensions or convert to a machine torch.
  • Easy transportation and protection for unmatched durability.
  • Auto Pilot Restart feature instantly reignites the pilot arc while cutting expanded metals.
  • Lighter weight design for maximum portability