Air-Fuel or Oxy-Fuel for Soldering and Brazing?

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TurboTorch Introduces The New TDLX2010B Tote

Plumbing & HVAC Professionals can work in some rough conditions and need equipment that is built to withstand those everyday challenges. TurboTorch knows the importance of providing durable and dependable products that stand the test of time. The improved TurboTorch TDLX 2010B Roller Tote features updates like New Durable Wheels set to a wider wheel-base for added stability in rough terrain, as well as improving the metal base for a solid and reliable operation.

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TurboTorch High Pressure Nitrogen Purge RegulatorTurboTorch High Pressure Nitrogen Purge Regulator

TurboTorch has released a high pressure regulator designed for pressure testing HVAC and Refrigeration lines. This new regulator features a unique gauge guard for added protection, an easy to adjust color-coded knob, 800 PSI delivery, zinc aluminum housing cap for added strength and a forged brass body. This is a single stage regulator with a 1/4'' flare fitting.

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