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Victor Professional Two Stage VTS 253, Medium Capacity, C (80 PSIG), Carbon Dioxide, 320, 5/8-18 (F) CGA 032

Recommended for applications that require a constant delivery pressure over a range of decreasing inlet pressures. This precise two stage regulation provides superior operating characteristics for applications where change in delivery pressure would affect performance characteristics of work or test results.
Part Number: 0781-3574

Victor Industrial Gas Equipment Catalog


• 2" (50.8 mm) gauges – steel
• Diaphragm 1.3" (28.7 mm)and 1.75" (44.5 mm) – fabric reinforced neoprene

6.5" W x 5.63" H x 6.13" D
(165.1 mm x 143.0 mm x 155.7 mm)

4 lb. 10 oz. (2.10 kg)

Maximum inlet – 3000 PSIG
Gas Service CO2
Part No. 0781-3574
Model No. VTS 253C-320*
Delivery Range (PSIG) 4-80

Outlet Connection: Cylinder Type 9/16"-18(M), *5/8-18 RH(F)